Your Challenge

Medical markets

Disposable high-tech low cost systems

PCV Group is increasingly active in the industry for medical appliances and devices. This is largely due to our experience with high-tech low cost, disposable dispensing and dosing solution systems. In the past few years we’ve worked on many different projects.

Heating, cooling, dispensing and dosing

Innovative dispensing and dosing solutions are in high demand in the medical sector. We know just about everything there is to know about the viscosity of fluids and heating, cooling, dispensing and dosing fluids, blood or air at a very precise temperature. Our expertise is valued and called upon by accredited medical companies and our structured process development using Design for Six Sigma is very similar to the standards that need to be followed under ISO protocol.

Evidence-based practice

Our way of structured product development is well suited to the evidence-based practice of the medical world. We document each step in the design and development of a new product or key component, making it easy for medical companies to fulfil all information requirements. Our qualified and experienced project managers are often asked to lead a project in which our engineers work closely together with the R&D department of companies that contract us. The smart combination of skills and expertise that is PCV, gets a project completed on schedule and can often speed things up a bit. Pushing boundaries. Creating value. Solving high-tech challenges.

In the past fast few years we’ve worked on a number of very interesting projects in the medical market. The following projects are a good indication of what we’re capable of.

Urogyn silicon dispenser
Mistral-Air® Warming unit for blankets