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Our transparent approach is based on independent thinking and working together.
The way we think

Our understanding of your challenge

It’s about getting to grips with all the underlying intricacies. This is essential to be able to innovate successfully. We strive to explore and understand the larger context of every product challenge, aiming at creating unique differentiating solutions. It’s the combination of brain power and different expertises, along with our structured way of working, that allows us to get to the core of every systems engineering challenge.

Forefront of innovation through endless curiosity

Our drive for innovation is what defines us. We help our clients with high-tech solutions. Discovering the best step forward with our structured and creative approach.

We have created a work environment that keeps us curious. We are always eager to explore and find better solutions.

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The way we work

How we transform an idea into a working product

We follow a structured work process. This enables us to successfully transform a good idea into a working prototype for a product or key component that is high-tech and can be mass produced for low costs. Using the methodologies from Design for Six Sigma we define critical to quality parameters translating the needs of a customer into measurable criteria. These parameters act as guidelines throughout a project. DfSS is an evidence-based way of working. It ensures reliable data analysis, valid results and conclusions.


Product solutions that don’t yet exist

You might not expect it from the outside, but our headquarters in the Netherlands houses our state of the art, high-tech laboratory. It is built in the basement and it’s where our engineers can be found daily. Testing out their and each other’s ideas, prototyping and developing product solutions that don’t yet exist.

You can't develop precision systems without building very precise test setups. The development of these setups happens in-house as well, our engineers switching seamlessly between designing for low-cost-high-volume products and fully adjustable one-off prototypes.

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