Medical market

Handling challenges in
the medical market

Our dispensing & dosing competences combined with our heating & cooling knowledge have made PCV Group a trusted partner in the medical devices and life science equipment market. In many developments we have been able to crossover experience from areas like food & beverage into this high demanding market. Especially knowledge on high-tech low cost disposables have given us a jump start in various developments.

Adapting to our clients' development process is second nature to us. We have worked for many companies with strict regulatory requirements and can easily integrate our way of working in your environment.
Organizing hybrid project teams, where we combine the best people for the job from both our and the clients' pool of professionals, is often a great way to ensure optimum results and timely delivery.
We understand that some deadlines are set in stone. Mitigating risks and showing the path to success is what we specialize in.

Our customers

An overview of companies we work for