Pushing boundaries, creating value

PCV Group: solving high-tech challenges

A passion for innovation and technology. These two important aspects form the basis of our success as PCV Group in combination with a multidisciplinary, pragmatic and systematic approach. We work globally for multinationals and manufacturers in medical, professional and consumer markets. Pushing boundaries, creating value, solving high-tech challenges!

End-to-end product development

PCV Group is active in different fields of technological expertise, with a special focus on the design and development of high-tech, low cost dispensing and dosing systems as well as mechatronics and embedded systems. With our multidisciplinary know-how and co-creation methods we provide a high added value trajectory for end-to-end product development on critical new developments and related technologies. Thanks to a unique network of highly specialised engineers we can expand our organisation to meet any and every high-tech challenge.

High-tech, low cost solutions

Good things often get taken for granted, but that’s something we will never do. We’d rather develop and invent them! PCV Group’s high-tech, low cost product solutions are to be found in an ever growing range of successful products. Varying from consumer coffee machines to medical and professional appliances and devices. Our aim is making a difference, solving technological problems most end to end product developers might believe to be unsolvable.

Your challenge, our solution. Creating value together!

These are our focus markets

Pushing boundaries, creating value, solving high-tech challenges

Industrial design and technological engineering aren’t a common combination. PCV Group are experts in both. Their approach is multidisciplinary with a proven expertise in mechatronics, materials technology and dispensing and dosing systems. I started working with PCV Group as a network partner in 2008. I still find their passion very infectious.

Syb Leijenaar, network partner

PCV Group are a reliable partner who support us from time to time in R&D projects for many years already. I especially appreciate their great flexibility in answering all our requests. They are committed and have a professional and target-oriented approach. Over the years we have improved our cooperation developing together. PCV Group are an extended workbench in R&D for Miele. For every new project they compose an adequate team including a project manager thus simplifying the coordination of activities.

Dr. Andreas Morbach, Miele

We create value in end-to-end product development.
We advise, innovate, design, develop and manage from the predevelopment stages and onwards.

PCV Group is an international expert in the following fields:

Mechatronics & Embedded systems

Mechatronics engineering and embedded systems has always been an important part of our core business. We have over 25 years of experience and knowledgeability that we share with our customers: companies and multinationals in professional, consumer and medical markets. The frequent crossover between sectors is an added value designing, developing and delivering the best solutions for high-tech challenges.

Dispensing & dosing solution systems

We have a passion for dispensing and dosing solutions systems. We know just about everything there is to know about the viscosity of fluids and heating, cooling, dispensing and dosing fluids or air at a very precise temperature. In the past fast few years we’ve worked on many different projects in the professional, consumer and medical markets. From coffee machines to medical and professional appliances and devices.

Knowledge gets you ahead

‘Plastics in dispensing and dosing’

PCV Group at IFA 2017

Impressive and inspiring IFA 2017

IFA 2017, the world’s leading trade fair for consumer electronics and domestic appliances took place in September in Berlin. With 1,805 exhibitors and 159,000 square meters of show floor it’s almost a world unto itself, with leading manufacturers showcasing their upcoming products. Home connectivity was the main theme. We saw some very exciting use of new technologies for different product groups providing inspiring food for thought.

As a product design agency we’re one of a kind in the Netherlands, our home base. I don’t know any other agency that combines industrial design capabilities with technological skills and expertise the way we can and do.

We aim to be the best in our fields of expertise and our work process is goal orientated. So much so that we almost forget to take the time to celebrate each success. But we’re working on that one!

Jeroen Wijlens
Jeroen WijlensSenior project manager PCV Group
When you want something, just go after it! That’s how we operate at PCV. We actively search out companies we’d love to work for and thanks to this approach we’ve worked on lots of very challenging projects.

You know the saying: the devil is in the detail? That’s certainly true for high-tech low cost products and we’re experts in details. Exactly those technological details that turn good products into great products.

Bart Velthuizen
Bart VelthuizenPartner & Accountmanager