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  • Precision dispensing & dosing

    JDE Promesso.

  • Dispensing & dosing pistol for reversible sterilisation

    Urogyn Silicon Dispenser.

  • Mechatronic engineering

    Bugaboo smartphone holder.

  • Precision dispensing & dosing

    SKF single point automatic lubricator.

TechMed Centre (University of Twente) and PCV Group develop respirator hood for COVID-19 patients

Over the past few weeks, TechMed Centre researchers have joined forces with developers from PCV Group in Enschede to rapidly develop a breathing support hood. “This minimally invasive ventilation technology (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP) offers an alternative for COVID-19 patients who are not sick enough for admission to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) but who are too ill to be treated in ordinary wards”, according to Professor of Health Technology Implementation Ruud Verdaasdonk and lung physiologist Frans de Jongh.

A multidisciplinary approach for your high-tech challenge

Within Europe, PCV Group is the biggest product and technology development consultancy specialized in dispensing & dosing system solutions. We are also experts in mechatronics and embedded systems, combining our engineering technology with project management skills. All of our senior staff have worked in top positions for multinationals providing us with a unique understanding of the R&D challenges global companies face. PCV Group is preferred tech partner of multiple blue chip companies and well funded start ups.

PCV coffee as a symbol for quality and sustainability

Barista plus engineer equals recipe for success: The product developers of PCV Group in Enschede, the Netherlands, are experts in (professional) coffee machines. Since they take their profession seriously, some engineers are also baristas at the same time.

Cutting edge product solutions

We provide a growing group of multinationals and successful startups in consumer and professional markets and in the medical sector, with development methods and new technologies for cutting edge product solutions.

Working for very different companies in different sectors allows us to adapt knowledge from one sector and apply it in another. This speeds up the innovation process providing your company with an out-of-the-box approach and the best possible results. Our work process offers a broader perspective for your challenge at hand. Starting with ‘our understanding of your problem’ we work closely together with your organisation. By obtaining insight into every potential obstacle and using a multidisciplinary approach, we are able to develop the best possible high-tech low cost solution.

Industrial design and technological engineering aren’t a common combination. PCV Group are experts in both. Their approach is multidisciplinary with a proven expertise in mechatronics, materials technology and dispensing and dosing systems. I started working with PCV Group as a network partner in 2008. I still find their passion very infectious.

Syb Leijenaar, network partner

PCV Group are an extended workbench in R&D for Miele. I especially appreciate their great flexibility in answering all our requests. For every new project they compose an adequate team including a project manager thus simplifying the coordination of activities. They are committed and have a professional and target-oriented approach.

Dr. Andreas Morbach, Miele

PCV Group are unrivalled in their problem definition. Each and every question they ask is revelant. Thanks to their expertise in different sectors they surprise us with high-tech solutions that we wouldn’t easily think of ourselves.

Ruud Deckers, Marel Stork

An expanding team of high-tech specialists

PCV Group is an agile organisation. Working closely together with more than 80 specialist network partners we offer a very wide range of capabilities together with project management skills. This allows us the flexibility to expand capacity whenever needed, always working together as a team towards the same goals.

PCV Group is a privately owned Dutch company, founded by four partners (photo from left to right). Fred van Dijk is managing director, Leo Adema operational director. Bart Velthuizen is key account manager and Dries Nijsen is PCV Groups in-house genius, with more than 100 patents to his name.

Dispensing & dosing systems for the coffee industry

PCV Group is one of the major suppliers of dispensing and dosing system solutions in the coffee industry. We work and have worked for key players such as Miele and Illy. For Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional we designed and developed critical key components for the Promesso.

On our quest for the best cup of coffee in the world, PVC Group is momentarily working on a demonstrator project to develop an innovative modular system from existing technologies. We will regularly share project updates through this website.

Medical components and appliances

Precise dispensing and dosing systems are also crucial for the medical sector.

For the 37 Company we worked on a high-tech low cost blood and fluid heater that is in daily use in hospitals. And check out our case study how we developed  a warming unit for blankets for effective and continuous patient warming.

Industrial mechatronics and embedded systems

Dispensing and dosing system solutions is precision technology that we often deliver in combination with our knowledge of mechatronics and embedded systems.

We work for companies like SKF and Tetra Pak and are proud to be able to actively contribute our expertise to the success of some of the best and well known products in the world.



PCV Group is growing fast and expanding its international customer base. We have interesting job opportunities for engineering professionals and traineeships for students. Contact us and/or visit our (Dutch) job site.

Innovation is never about staying in a comfort zone. It’s about teaming up together to stretch limits.