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PCV Group works for various markets in numerous industry sectors as an end-to-end product developer for devices, appliances and key components. Open-mindedness is essential to our way of thinking. We strive to explore and understand the larger context of every product challenge, aiming at creating unique differentiating solutions. This results in the best products and innovations that meet all critical market requirements.


Developing for industrial applications lies at the very foundation of PCV Group. Our business started with the creation of the first Multi/Joint pipe coupling for Georg Fischer, and as time went on, we helped develop the later generations of this product too.

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While we have indeed successfully delivered many projects on beverage appliances, our other success stories can be found throughout many homes worldwide.

There is a good chance that you own a domestic appliance with a PCV innovation at its core, possibly a cleaning device, or some food processing product.

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Medical & life science

Our way of structured product development is well suited to the evidence-based practice of the medical world. Our expertise is valued and called upon by accredited medical companies and our structured process development is very similar to the standards that need to be followed under ISO protocol.

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