About us

Innovation is a team effort. PCV Group’s approach is a tailored process to meet customer expectation in the most efficient way. Contact us to find out more.

About Leadership

People Creating Value, solving high-tech challenges

PCV Group is a flexible and agile organisation. We work closely together with more than 80 specialist network partners offering a very wide range of capabilities together with project management skills. The structure allows us the flexibility to expand capacity whenever needed, always working as a team towards the same goals.

Talent development through European Social Fund

At PCV Group there is a willingness and openness that drives successful innovation. PCV Group receives funding from the European Social Fund to invest in coaching for the sustainable employability of individual team members. The coaching focuses on such subjects as improving leadership skills, communications and work skills, allowing individual team members to feel more responsible and take the initiative. This combination of soft skills, engineering expertise and project management builds up our multidisciplinary approach in solving challenging technological and product design issues for blue chip companies and well funded startups.

We can create value for you. Contact us to find out!