Our Passion


Our understanding of your challenge

The combination of multidisciplinary talents at PCV Group continually develops our way of thinking. We’re pragmatic and adaptive, allows following a proven, structured approach. Our development process creates the best conditions to push boundaries for our customers.

Project definition phase

At PCV Group, the thinking and brainstorming often begin before we are commissioned on an assignment. In the project definition phase we fully explore the need of a potential client. Our project managers and lead engineers team up in this together with the client to determine the challenge behind the problem we’ve been brought in to help solve.

Understanding your challenge

We call this early stage of a project ‘our understanding of your challenge’. It’s about getting to grips with all the underlying intricacies. This is essential to be able to innovate successfully. Too often we come across solutions that are invented for the wrong problem.

We can create value for you. Contact us to find out!

Higher rate of success

Our aim is ensuring that we find the right solution and create value for our clients. A well thought out project definition ensures a higher rate of success.

Critical quality requirements

Open-mindedness is essential to our way of thinking. We strive to explore and understand the larger context of every product challenge, aiming at creating unique differentiating solutions. This results in the best answers for products and innovations that meet all critical quality requirements.

It’s the combination of brain power and different expertises, along with our structured way of working, that allows us to get to the core of every systems engineering challenge. And we just love it!

A growing international customer base

The way we work is appreciated and awarded by a growing number of international companies.