Our Passion


Product solutions that don’t yet exist

You might not expect it from the outside, but our headquarters in the Netherlands – a turn of the century beautiful white villa – houses our state of the art, high-tech laboratory. It’s in the basement, running the length of the property and it’s where our engineers can be found daily. Testing out their and each other’s ideas, prototyping and developing product solutions that don’t yet exist. Inventing and developing those solutions high-tech multinational companies are in need of to stay on top of their game.

PCV Group is a flexible organisation with a steep learning curve. There’s an everyday challenge working for multiple markets. It’s exciting and what we love to do! At PCV Group we know how to translate what a customer wants and we possess the knowledge and expertise to deliver.

James Bond would be impressed!

Click on the pictures below to have a virtual mini tour of our headquarters and laboratory.

News from the Q-team

With creativity being such a huge part of our work, we use a multidisciplinary approach, which involves sharing knowledge and reviewing projects from a variety of angles. Our Q-team is where all these individual strands come together – and where we share interesting insights and relevant findings with each other.