PCV coffee as a symbol for quality and sustainability

PCV coffee as a symbol for quality and sustainability

Barista plus engineer equals recipe for success: The product developers of PCV Group in Enschede, the Netherlands, are experts in (professional) coffee machines. Since they take their profession seriously, some engineers are also baristas at the same time. The essence of this combination is now reflected in PCV’s own coffee blend. A coffee blend that combines quality standards and sustainability. Like the solutions of PCV Group.

One after the other: PCV Group is a kind of "quick respond force" for the manufacturers of professional coffee machines and privately used coffee machines. For example, when it comes to constantly guaranteeing the correct mixing ratio between ground coffee beans, hot water and milk foam in a device, the coffee professionals from Enschede come into play. The right pressure, the exact dosage, the correct temperature - aspects where every detail counts. In other cases it is a question of more extensive automation or of making cleaning easier. “In some projects we are involved from the first construction drawing to the last practical test. Sometimes it's just about a very specific problem that needs to be solved in part of the product,” reports lead engineer Hedzer van der Kamp. On the basis of a wide variety of projects for almost all well-known manufacturers of coffee machines, the company has gathered extensive know-how. And word got around in the industry. However, the engineers are not satisfied with the technical side alone. Hedzer van der Kamp and a colleague completed further training to become a barista - so they are also experts in coffee preparation. In addition, they met with the organizer of the course for further individual training hours in which selected challenges were discussed. “We also have access to an international database in which all questions about coffee preparation are answered,” explains Van der Kamp.

Fair trade coffee beans

From this mélange of technical know-how and passion for hot drinks, the idea of ​​developing their own coffee blend arose. Since it was supposed to be a real PCV coffee, the choice fell on coffee beans from P for Peru, C for Colombia and V for Vietnam. "But the beans also go perfectly together in terms of taste," assures Van der Kamp. This exclusive blend is roasted for PCV by a coffee roaster in Deventer. Naturally in a device that uses significantly less energy than the market average: the Loring S70 Peregrine reduces gas consumption by 80 percent. It goes without saying that the coffee beans come from fair trade. Sustainability in trade and production - a symbol for the work of PCV engineers. “It is particularly practical that potential customers can personally taste the result of the perfect coffee preparation,” says the lead engineer. Not only at the company's headquarters, but also at the customers themselves. For this, packaging containing 750 grams of PCV coffee will be available shortly - ideal souvenirs for customer visits. “In this way, we leave a lasting impression on the customer,” says the engineer. To then impress with innovative product developments...

Hedzer van der Kamp
Senior Lead Engineer

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