Leo Giesen – In Memoriam

Leo Giesen – In memoriam

Leo Giesen

Today we received the sad message that our team member Leo Giesen has passed away on the 25th of March 2021. We knew for some time that Leo had a severe illness but his passing has shocked us deeply. We wish his family much strength in the coming time and share their sadness.

PCV Group originated from a merger between First (Design) and De Loft in  2011. Leo was the first employee of First (Design). His career at PCV started on the 16th of May 1988. He studied mechanical engineering at the University of Twente and stood out through his sharp mind and analytical abilities. With these qualities he added to the foundation of our company. He was our Master Black Belt in DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) and inspired many not only to the deliver their best work but also to take the design process to a higher level.

Leo was a wonderful human being. Open, accessible and friendly with an enormous drive for technology. He was interested in people and in the company. He was a coach to many, a tower of strength and up until his last moments sharing his knowledge with other.

We will miss him immensely.


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