Miele present the Dialog Oven at IFA 2017

Miele, one of PCV Group’s major clients, presents its Wi-Fi enabled Dialog Oven during IFA 2017 in Berlin. IFA is the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. The Dialog Oven is a highly anticipated and exciting innovation and the way forward for home food preparation.

Next level taste experience

Miele have succeeded in creating an advanced cooking device for a premium price. The German manufacturer of high-end high-tech appliances presented its innovative wall oven at the IFA trade show in Berlin. The Dialog Oven cooks food combining electromagnetic waves, traditional radiant heat and a convection fan. This innovative mix of technologies results in better tasting food that cooks faster. The Dialog Oven works with an app allowing consumers to browse recipes and send instructions to the oven through Wi-Fi.

Crossover technologies

Miele developed the Dialog Oven using crossover technologies from other sectors such as the medical industry. Adopting existing technologies and developing them further to create new uses is a way of working that we frequently apply at PCV Group.

How does it work?

The Dialog Oven is more sophisticated and innovative than microwave and traditional ovens. Using two antennes located in the top of the oven, Miele’s Dialog Oven emits electromagnetic waves in the frequency range around 915 MHz that respond to the texture of the food. The antennas measure how much energy the food has absorbed so they know when cooking is complete. The combination with radiant heat and a convection fan ensures a cooking process that is more precise and more effective than microwave ovens.

Precision cooking

The Dialog Oven goes to market in 2018, and will first go on sale in Germany and Austria.
With the help of four gourmet chef’s Miele gave a visually entertaining demonstration during IFA, cooking a four-course meal to show the Dialog Oven’s ability to precision cook food. For instance, the chef’s placed blocks of ice with small pieces of fish inside in the oven. The fish was cooked, while the ice remained intact as a result of the electromagnetic waves’ ability to pinpoint food inside the oven and cook only that.

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