The User: the “unknown being”?

It is the users that ultimately determine whether a product is successful on the market or not. The PCV Group already incorporates this ethos at the product development stage, by making the needs of the user a focal point. User Centred Design (UCD) is the approach that a team of five is continuously improving for client projects of the Enschede-based product developers, without losing sight of their technical background. Industrial designer Bram Norp provides valuable insight.

Down with costs!

The aim of the PCV Group is clearly stated: the abbreviation in the company’s name stands for “People Creating Value”. A team of 40 engineers, scientists and administrators who, supported by other experts from a variety of disciplines when necessary, develop and optimise new products – also in terms of the associated production costs. These “nerds”, who are based in Enschede in the Netherlands, possess valuable know-how that has, so far, been used mainly by multinational companies in the household appliances, medical technology and industrial sectors. In this interview, Leo Giesen, a mechanical engineer by training, a Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Black Belt, and a consultant with the PCV Group, offers some insights.