SKF single point automatic lubricator

Professional Markets

The Product

A new, improved automatic lubrication system.

The high-tech challenge

The system needed to minimally feature the same high level of reliability as the current system but at a far lower cost. In addition, infringing on existing patents had to be avoided. The new product had to be user-friendly and easily interchangeable with existing systems, accessories and fastenings.

Our solution

By keeping the design as simple as possible and minimizing the number of valves and other components, we managed to reach an extreme high level of reliability at a far lower cost. Due to its modular structure, various models can be produced using a minimum of components. The newly developed product is suitable for fully automatic assembly with various quality control systems.

Our Value

PCV Group developed the technical concept and the product design. We also carried out and oversaw the engineering design process up to and including the release of the production tool.

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