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Coffee is the most consumed  beverage in the world, after water. It is estimated that over 2 billion cups of coffee  (Source: International Coffee Organization) are tasted worldwide every day in their innumerable and fanciful variations depending on local habits, individual preferences and creativity. Easy to say coffee!

The product

The JDE Promesso is a streamlined coffee machine for the professional market, which is extremely straightforward to operate. The coffee machine can remember the preferences of multiple users. PCV Group was responsible for designing and developing crucial key components: a disposable pump that accurately dispenses and doses liquid coffee and milk substitute from the cartons, foaming chambers suitable for both coffee and milk, internal cleaning system

The background

JDE contacted PCV Group in 2009. They had already been in the sector of coffee makers for the professional sector for about 20 years but had the need to modify the existing pump, no longer compatible with the new innovative system developed  to use liquid concentrated coffee instead of ground coffee.

In fact JDE had patented a process that allows coffee to be made using liquid concentrated coffee which is factory-brewed, packed in cartons, stored at -20° C and subsequently used in the coffee machine after defrosting. This new product offers the possibility to significantly increase the precision in dosing and dispensing  coffee according to the consumers’ needs, improving the experience of enjoying the drink as in the best café.

The challenge

Liquid concentrated coffee has a variable viscosity level that can result in particles aggregating in small lumps; a natural feature that, however, could cause the blockage of the existing pumps that delivered the beverage.

To overcome this obstacle, it was necessary for PCV Group to conceive a completely new, innovative, user friendly, and cost-effective solution, able to guarantee accuracy, reliability, performance and functionality. JDE approved to go for a new coffe machine. The decision meant not only to abandon the existing system but also to face a great business challenge. A radical change of mindset was needed.

The approach

In the early stages of the project analysis, we realized that it was necessary to redesign from scratch not only the pump, but also its internal connection mechanisms to the engine, the dosing and dispensing system of  the ingredients – coffee and concentrated milk – the foaming chambers and the sloping drives that slide the cartons into the machine.

We then built a metal test rig to simulate all operations of the future coffee machine and to test ergonomics and accuracy in dosing and dispensing the ingredients. We tested all the components with fluids of different viscosity and under different operating conditions. For us, it was crucial to prove that the new machine could provide with accuracy all the features required.

We opted for a disposable pump to prevent any accumulation of coffee residues and to ensure absolute hygiene inside the machine. We simultaneously developed a mechanism to easily connect the pump to the cartons and guarantee their efficient interaction.

The full product development process has lasted three years. During this period we have been working closely with the JDE team to fine tune every single step in the evolution of the project.

The benefits

Thanks to “our understanding of your problem” approach and our well-established methodology we hit the targets JDE gave us.

We equipped the final product with the following features:

  • Accuracy in dosing and dispensing the fluids;
  • Simple and intuitive use due to the mechanical solution that enables the coffee machine to virtually “selfinstall” with no assistance the new cartons with disposable pump;
  • High hygiene standards thanks to the creation of an internal water warmup system that starts automatically after replacing each coffee or milk carton and that cleans the machine;
  • Maintenance free, because of the absence of coffee and milk residuals in the machine;
  • Possibility to customize and store, with an intuitive interface, the preferences of an unlimited number of users;
  • Smaller dimensions compared to other machines competitors on the market, making the appliance even more suitable for small offices and communities. All these innovations have declared the success of Promesso as the ideal coffee machine for workplaces and professional use. Coffee is quickly made!

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