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The Product

The Oxyvap is a compact, quiet operation, modular, direct evaporative cooling unit.

The high-tech challenge

The advantages of evaporative cooling systems are their low running costs and thermal efficiency. However, in most cases, their appearance leaves much to desire: bulky, noisy boxes. Oxycom sought to develop a cooling unit, which would preserve all the pros while eliminating the cons.

Our solution

We developed a quieter, more compact product. The housing partially folds and snaps together, enabling the final assembly to take place on site, reducing the final assembly time by around 75%. The number of required components was greatly reduced in the new design: from over 400 to a mere 28 in total. The modular design makes it possible to add on more Oxyvap evaporators to deliver the required cooling capacity. The unit was developed with a minimal environmental impact in mind, the component associated with the greatest pollutive potential has been designed as an easily replaced recyclable disposable. As a result, it is no longer necessary to replace the entire evaporator after a year of service.

Our Value

On the basis of our knowledge of materials technology, we selected, tested and applied different materials. Using vacuum-formed EPP shells yielded a lighter and better insulated housing. Another advantage of the selected materials is that the evaporators can effectively dry, which helps to prevent the build-up of mildew and fungus – a common problem in evaporators. Our mechanical expertise gave us the insight needed to position the fan on the other side of the evaporators. This greatly improved the airflow through the evaporators and also deadens noise.

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