ClimaRad 2.0

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The Product

The ClimaRad ventilation unit is an intelligent, energy-efficient ventilation system that takes up very little space measuring CO2, humidity, indoor and outdoor temperature.

The high-tech challenge

Achieving ultra-low noise operation and a more compact design for an even more versatile installation.

Our solution

By redesigning the air duct arrangement and providing improved sound damping, a completely new control system and the newest high-capacity EBM-EC fans, we achieved an ultra-low noise operation. In collaboration, we developed and fitted valves that automatically open and close to guarantee draftless ventilation. The clever use of 2K injection moulding made it possible to keep the number of components to a minimum, also simplifying the assembly process and guaranteeing a long service life.

Our Value

PVC Group also worked on the first version of the ClimaRad and we were the preferred supplier for the 2.0.

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