Converting ideas to reality, from sketch to product

The visualisation of ideas forms a significant part of any industrial design study. Using paper and a charcoal pencil, a graphics pad or a computer, images are created that aren’t just meant to look nice. Yet, what roles can and should they actually play in product development processes? Industrial designers Bram Norp and Elias van Hoek, both graduates of the University of Twente’s (UT) degree programme in Industrial Design Engineering, recognise big differences between sketching during their studies and in their day-to-day work at the PCV Group – revealing a large gap between theory and practice.

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Horecava 2020: sustainability and automation

On 14 January PCV visited the Horecava, the most important fair in the Netherlands for all professionals in food service. The fair was very well-attended by a large number of visitors. At the Start-up LAB, over 50 start-ups showed their innovations. In the TrendLAB exhibitors were grouped in themes around food, one of them being “Transformation & Circularity”.

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Not just any old whisk

For cappuccino lovers, the light, frothy milk on top – the crowning glory of this ever-popular hot drink – is no less important than the coffee itself! Whether one prefers a towering pile of stiff foam or a froth with a creamier consistency… tastes differ widely. And many more variations can be created through different preparation methods. The team at the PCV Group know this well, as their everyday work deals with stages of these systems – from the initial product idea to the finished product, from small improvements to newly-designed systems, and from consumer products to professional machines.

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25 seconds to the perfect espresso

The secret to the perfect espresso lies tucked away in the Dutch town of Enschede, a little under ten kilometres from the German border. More precisely, it is in the facilities of the PCV Group’s product developers, who, over the past 25 years, have applied their expertise to support almost every well-known coffee machine manufacturer. Their particular specialism lies in dosing processes. The clients of this ‘high-tech foundry’ also include leading companies from the consumer goods industry and other sectors. Many of the PCV Group’s consultants, engineers and industrial designers are passionate coffee experts and understand every facet of the topic. These coffee pros have taken on board the fact that preparing the most perfect coffee possible not only requires raw materials of outstanding quality and the experience and touch of an experienced barista, but also involves a wide range of other factors. Brewing coffee is a complex procedure that can be optimised with the help of sophisticated technological solutions.

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Down with costs!

The aim of the PCV Group is clearly stated: the abbreviation in the company’s name stands for “People Creating Value”. A team of 40 engineers, scientists and administrators who, supported by other experts from a variety of disciplines when necessary, develop and optimise new products – also in terms of the associated production costs. These “nerds”, who are based in Enschede in the Netherlands, possess valuable know-how that has, so far, been used mainly by multinational companies in the household appliances, medical technology and industrial sectors. In this interview, Leo Giesen, a mechanical engineer by training, a Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Black Belt, and a consultant with the PCV Group, offers some insights.

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IFA follow-up: Herbs made from capsules and more…

Six members of the PCV Group left the worldwide biggest consumer goods and home electronics fair in Berlin with some interesting impressions. Fred van Dijk, Bart Velthuizen, Stefan Ostermann, Jeroen Wijlens, Gerdjan Pape and Lex van Dockum took a look at the latest developments in the area of household technology. Some innovations stood out to them in particular:

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How do you build a superbike?

Electric motorcycles are the future. But the technology still has a long way to go before this new standard is adopted. Bram Norp juggles his day job as an engineer at PCV Group with an exciting extracurricular project: he and a team of ambitious students are developing the Electric Superbike Twente.

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Impressive and inspiring IFA 2017

During IFA 2017, the world’s leading trade fair for consumer electronics and domestic appliances in Berlin, .we saw some very exciting use of new technologies for different product groups providing inspiring food for thought.

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Miele present the Dialog Oven at IFA 2017

Miele, one of PCV Group’s major clients, presents its Wi-Fi enabled Dialog Oven during IFA 2017 in Berlin. IFA is the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. The Dialog Oven is a highly anticipated and exciting innovation and the way forward for home food preparation.

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