Urogyn silicon dispenser

Medical Markets

The Product

A dispensing and dosing pistol that is used by urologists for a non-invasive and reversible sterilisation treatment of women (Ovalastic) and also for a non-invasive treatment for women and men suffering from incontinence (Urolastic, Prolastic). This product was rewarded a recognition of Good Industrial Design in 2013.

The high-tech challenge

Medical company Urogyn asked PCV Group to redesign a patient friendly system to dispense and dose a patented flexible implant that is used to block Fallopian tubes or strengthen the urethra. The implant is a biocompatible, rubbery two component compound that forms in place after injection. The injection system Urogyn was looking for had to be precise and easy to use, because of the risk of the substance hardening before being injected into its proper place.

Our solution

We developed a sterile, disposable dosing and dispensing solution system consisting of a dual syringe connected to a static mixing tube with a needle. When the dual syringe is compressed, the two components meet and mix in the static mixing tube. The mixed compound is then passed through the needle. This permits small amounts of compound to be placed in the Fallopian tubes or in the tissue around the urethra. The mixture forms as small flexible rubbery balls.

Our Value

We created a dosage system that works with audible clicks so that specialists can easily and precisely time how much component they’re injecting without having to take their focus off their patients. Our knowledge of materials technology enabled us to develop a sterile and disposable dosage system that is high-tech but can be mass produced in a low cost environment.

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