Medical Markets

The Product

For the 37Company we helped develop a device to heat blood and fluids to body temperature. An important criteria for a product like this is a patient’s comfort. The Fluido was first launched onto the European market in 2015.

The high-tech challenge

We were asked to engineer a solution for a new, low flow fluid warming system with a disposable heat exchanger that ensures that the fluid or blood enters the human body at a temperature of 37 degrees. Without losing warmth whilst travelling through the disposable to the body. This is very complex as there is little or no possibility for direct measuring points while the fluid or blood passes through the disposable on its way to the body. The whole device demanded a simple user interface and sturdy design, being used in hospitals and clinics every day. And as all parts that come in contact with the fluids are disposable, the system needed to be low cost and mass produced. This entails risks for the production quality. The correct temperature of the fluids has to be guaranteed even if the production quality of the disposables vary.

Our solution

We developed a system consisting of a disposable heat exchanger, constructed out of plastic and aluminium. The disposable is placed in a handheld module and by using a mechanical slider the exchanger is pressed down onto a heating element. The slider mechanism applies exactly the right amount of pressure to ensure correct heating without hotspots. Continuing on its way through the disposable, the fluid or blood is exactly 37 degrees when it enters the patient’s vein.

Our Value

We weren’t the first end-to-end product development agency that got asked to solve this challenge. The fact that we succeeded had everything to do with the way we work. Our engineers and project managers defined all the different parameters critical for success. They were our starting point in search of a number of solutions of which the end result is arguably and undoubtedly the best.

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