The Bugaboo Smartphone Holder

Consumer Markets

The Product

A flexible smartphone holder for a baby stroller, easy to operate with one hand. The Bugaboo Smartphone Holder is on sale in stores since 2016.

The high-tech challenge

Forthright and simple: design and develop a smartphone holder for a stroller. And of course, not just any holder, but a mechanical device that allows the user to safely click a phone into place with a minimum of finger movement and pressure.

Our solution

A stroller is an all-terrain vehicle. Inside and outside of the urban jungle there are bumps, curbs and holes in the road that need to be negotiated and no parents want their smartphone careening to the pavement in the process! A holder must therefore provide a vice-like grip and be easy to rotate. We designed and developed a user friendly mechanical spring system that can be operated with two fingers, opening two sturdy arms that firmly and safely grip any type of smartphone.

Our Value

This product is produced at a low cost, using high-tech solutions and must be able to withstand all kinds of weather. Our knowledge of materials technology and a proven practical way of thinking was key in creating value. We analysed, tested and determined the best material solution and developed the spring technique as a safe and easy to operate solution.

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