Philips Food Steamer

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The Product

The Philips Food Steamer is a high-end food steamer. The popularity of steam cooking has increased spectacularly over the past several years. The food steamer is composed of three steaming tiers, each of which is fitted with a removable tray in the bottom.

The high-tech challenge

During the development stage, Philips was looking for ways to reduce the product cost and total cost price, which was deemed too high by Philips. PCV Group fulfilled an advisory role.

Our solution

By substituting the material of the trays by PP 25% glass filled, a 2% reduction in cost price was achieved. Using glass-reinforced PP also provided other unlooked-for benefits. For instance: food is less likely to stick to the tray bottom, making it easier to clean after use and extending the service life.

Our Value

Our extensive knowledge of materials technology. After reviewing the specifications, we recommended using PP 25% glass filled, taking into account the critical aspects of designing in glass-reinforced PP.

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