Built-in milk frother

Consumer Markets

The Product

Dispensing and dosing solutions systems for built-in milk frothers in consumer and industrial coffee machines.

The high-tech challenge

What’s a cappuccino without a good head of milk froth? Nowadays, one of the main challenges of the professional coffee making industry is to make coffee from a machine taste like it’s been brewed like a real life Barista. One of the biggest difficulties is creating milk froth with a dispensing and dosing solution system that is hygienic and self-cleaning. We’re successfully solving this high-tech, low cost industrial and consumer challenge for various companies.

Our solution

It’s safe to say that lots of today’s machines have room for improvement. We’ve executed many tests and have reached a proof of principle that proves that it is absolutely possible to have a machine make a Barista-style cappuccino with a world-class head of milk froth. It’s the result of defining critical parameters and extensive testing, understanding and using the physiological properties of milk ingredients to create lasting microfoam.

Our Value

We’ve built up a large database of theoretical knowledge on the subject of milk frothing. We combine this with a wealth of practical laboratory experience and our know how of mechatronics and dispensing and dosing system solutions. At the moment we’re also developing and testing dispensing and dosing solution systems for modern day milk varieties, such as goat’s milk, almond milk and soy milk.

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