Developing through change

People Creating Value. This is not just the name of our company, it is the very core of our existence. Aspects like structured creativity, value creation and quality are indispensable within our organisation. These characteristics form the solid foundation on which we build on a daily basis. They are the core values which we have in mind continuously and which we strive for every day. This has resulted in a stable company, in which discovery and pioneering made way for maturity and professionalism. We work for excellent clients with a passionate and dedicated production team, that works creatively as well as systematically. In order to further develop our strong core values in the future, an important change is taking place within our company. Current partners Fred van Dijk and Leo Adema are realizing their ambition: to take PCV Group to an even higher level. They will continue PCV Group in the spirit and culture of the mature company which PCV Group is today. Bart Velthuizen and Dries Nijsen are stepping down from the organisation.

In retrospect

January 2, 2011: PCV group is created from a merger between the companies First and De Loft. A powerful combination of project management, organizational management and an
incredible knowhow of mechanical development.

With the continuous drive to develop, to improve the quality and to professionalize the company, we all work passionately together on high-tech challenges year after year. And with success! Through the years, our company has matured. This resulted in a company with a high level of knowledge, an initial structure and a stable organization. And we will continue to mature. It’s now time for the next step. A step in which further growth and development are central. A conscious step which is based on various valid reasons:

”PCV Group is a stable organization that functions well. Creating structure and solving acute problems are things of the past. I am immensely proud of what we have achieved, but I started to feel that my strengths are less needed in today’s PCV Group. I believe that the ambitions of Leo and Fred are an opportunity to take the next step. A next step for PCV Group and a next step for myself.”
– Bart Velthuizen

”The profession which we practice is something I can never let go. All these years I have done my job with a lot of drive and passion. Yet the time has come to let go. PCV Group has matured and there is room for further development. Although I am leaving the company as a partner, I will remain involved as a technical specialist, and I am happy to be part of this next phase.”
– Dries Nijsen

“It is our ambition to take value creation to an even higher level and add even more value to the company. That is why we are entering the next phase. This offers many opportunities for us as a company, but for our customers and our employees as well. A flat organization with broadly supported responsibility ensures professionalization and growth. We are intensifying cooperation within our team to maintain and optimize high quality, because without quality there are no customers.”
– Fred van Dijk

”We are proud of our current quality, our clients, and our employees. At the same time, we see many opportunities to further develop PCV Group. The ambition to take the company to an even higher level is immense. Taking the company further, guaranteeing continuity and a clear, ambitious perspective, that’s our goal. Our services and quality remain guaranteed, and our strategy does not change. This way we continue to do the things we are good at.”
– Leo Adema

The future perspective

PCV Group will not change for our clients and network partners. Development is and will remain our main goal. The development of great products and network partners, but also the development of our own staff and company. We are convinced that this next phase will bring our company growth and will add value and quality. People Creating Value. That’s what we stand for, who we are and who we will be in the future.

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