A clever innovation turned out to be a century old.

Ten years ago, PCV group received a challenge from one of our customers: design a small, inexpensive but reliable gearbox with a 500:1 gear ratio. The gearbox was meant to be part of a handheld beauty device, so it would be mass-produced and used by a consumer which means no regular maintenance or lubrication. This kind of challenge was well suited for Dries Nijsen, a creative mechanical engineer and co-founder of PCV Group.

From lathes to 3D printers

Prototypes have become an indispensable part of product development. Thanks to modern 3D printing processes, they can be produced faster and more cost-effectively than ever. But the time it takes to deliver the models plays an increasingly important role in their success. More and more prototypes are also being equipped with (electric) drive mechanisms. Three experts from PCV Group in Enschede, in the Netherlands, shine some light on current trends in prototyping.