Cultural differences—from coffee to consensus

Stefan Ostermann has been working alongside people from the Netherlands for more than 30 years. In this interview, the PCV Group Engineer and Management Partner describes what he sees as the most important quirks that one should bear in mind, and how the right understanding can turn cultural differences into successful collaboration.

Learn and understand before you start building!

Syb Leijenaar

Rapid Learning Cycles Frameworks are intended to make innovation easier, streamline development processes and avoid frustration in product development. Syb Leijenaar is a practitioner of this method and applies it as part of a collaboration with PCV group. Here he explains just what this approach involves.

Snippet: Prototyping in Record Time

Enschede, September 2021. Time is money, as the saying goes, and the world of product development is no exception. That in itself is reason enough to design processes to be as efficient as possible. For example, when producing certain prototypes. When it comes to components that are 3D printed or can be produced by laser cutting, PCV Group relies on its collaboration with Red Drop Design, a company that also calls Enschede its home. In this interview, Sjors Zuidema from PCV Group and Wouter Hoogterp, owner of Red Drop Design, tell us what makes this cooperation special.

A mediator between innovation and production

Patrick Witte is an independent network partner at PCV Group in Enschede – he works on behalf of the engineering company for Wavin, a global specialist in plastic pipe systems. His role it to implement product innovations in production processes. It has been a model for success, as the interim assignment, originally limited to just four months and has since been extended several times. And there’s no end in sight yet…

From revolution to evolution

From product revolution, through research and development, to a change in company philosophy: PCV Group and Georg Fischer Waga NV have been working closely together for 34 years, almost always symbiotically. What is the secret behind this successful relationship? Engineer Dries Nijsen, founder of PCV’s predecessor First Design, and Michel Hulsebos, of Georg Fischer Waga NV, shed some light on the factors contributing to the success of this extraordinary alliance.

Fostering Technical Talent

PCV Group is a product development service provider based in Enschede, in the Netherlands, and has excellent access to young professionals with a technical background. In the technology-focused city of Enschede, with the University of Twente (UT) and Saxion University of Applied Sciences, and their various different study courses, there are a number of sources of talented young people in the field of developing high-tech solutions. Mieke van den Belt, Senior Engineer and responsible for contact with students at PCV, and Fred van Dijk, one of the founders of PCV, emphasise the importance of cooperation with universities for the company in this interview

Leo Giesen – In Memoriam

Today we received the sad message that our team member Leo Giesen has passed away on the 25th of March 2021. We knew for some time that Leo had a severe illness but his passing has shocked us deeply. We wish his family much strength in the coming time and share their sadness.

Wrapping our heads around circular economy

the fight against environmental destruction and climate change, the responsible use of resources and avoiding waste have a crucial role to play. These goals can be achieved through a consistent circular economy. But what does that mean for manufacturers of consumer goods? What do engineers need to be aware of when creating designs?

A clever innovation turned out to be a century old.

Ten years ago, PCV group received a challenge from one of our customers: design a small, inexpensive but reliable gearbox with a 500:1 gear ratio. The gearbox was meant to be part of a handheld beauty device, so it would be mass-produced and used by a consumer which means no regular maintenance or lubrication. This kind of challenge was well suited for Dries Nijsen, a creative mechanical engineer and co-founder of PCV Group.

From lathes to 3D printers

Prototypes have become an indispensable part of product development. Thanks to modern 3D printing processes, they can be produced faster and more cost-effectively than ever. But the time it takes to deliver the models plays an increasingly important role in their success. More and more prototypes are also being equipped with (electric) drive mechanisms. Three experts from PCV Group in Enschede, in the Netherlands, shine some light on current trends in prototyping.