A fresh perspective to new concepts

Industrial designer Lex van Dockum has overseen many product development processes in the course of his career. He worked in small engineering offices and various multinational companies before joining the PCV Group five years ago. Since then he has joined the management team and is particularly valued for his ability to take a “helicopter view” of a project. Where he had also become “fed-up” with the sluggish organisational structures of large companies, he now enjoys the freedom to improve or develop from scratch new products for clients, working with colleagues with very different specialisms. To do this, the team from the PCV Group employs an approach it calls ‘structured creativity’. In this interview the experienced project manager describes what exactly this entails.

The User: the “unknown being”?

It is the users that ultimately determine whether a product is successful on the market or not. The PCV Group already incorporates this ethos at the product development stage, by making the needs of the user a focal point. User Centred Design (UCD) is the approach that a team of five is continuously improving for client projects of the Enschede-based product developers, without losing sight of their technical background. Industrial designer Bram Norp provides valuable insight.